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SUMiT is an eclectic rapper, lyricist, and poet hailing from Worcester, MA, known for his captivating passion and creative genius.

With a name that represents striving for the highest level of his craft while staying humble (as denoted by the lowercase “i”) SUMiT’s reverence for the art form of rap music began at a young age. The combination of witnessing the vibrant hip-hop culture in his hometown and being captivated by the lyrical prowess of East Coast emcee’s in the mid-late 90’s such as, Biggie Smalls, Jay-Z and DMX, fueled SUMiT’s desire to express himself through rhythm and rhyme. SUMiT has said that music goes beyond entertainment; he wants it to serve the purpose of making people feel less alone, just as artists before had done for him. Now his music resonates deeply with listeners and he stands out as one of the best pound-for-pound lyricists even amongst current hip-hop heavyweights with his distinct style and sound. The lyricism is never forced or fake, delivering an authentic and unique experience.

In 2023, SUMiT undertook a bold and ambitious musical venture through the inception of the 23for23 campaign, a groundbreaking initiative where he released 23 exclusive tracks over 23 weeks in 2023. This collection showcased his versatility, spanning from hard-hitting rap to mainstream hits and even techno beats. Each track served as a testament to his creative talent and distinctive artistry, encapsulating the essence of his unique style

The sheer diversity of his soundscape combined with a consistent, singular voice distinguishes his music. SUMiT’s songs flow seamlessly, showcasing his unparalleled rhyme schemes that push the boundaries of traditional structures. When experiencing his music, audiences can expect to have their minds blown the deeper they dig into the meaning of each song. With big plans for the future, SUMiT continues to uplift and inspire his audience with his heartfelt and genuine artistry.

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