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Listen Up: SUMiT shows skills on ‘Stimulus’

With a few impressive guest artists and an equally impressive display of technical skills, Worcester rapper SUMiT makes a pretty good splash with his new EP, “Stimulus,” which was released Friday. At the very least, SUMiT has a refined pop sensibility: The album is laden with hooks. Take, for example, the opening number, “Radical,” where he comes out punching. “On the attack, and I’m seeking your capital,” he raps, “Want every avenue, market you tap into/Cracking me up cause you leeches are laughable/He’s a savage, a genius, a radical.” It’s a fast-paced series of lyrical rabbit punches which plays well against the delicacy of the Beatdemons beat, and the result is invigorating.

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• Photo courtesy Anthony Rovezzi

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